Master your aerodesign skills just in 4 weeks andtake your place in the high checks market!
Learn how to create a product that evokes emotions!


On July 20

Who's this course for?



Don't give orders to contractors and share your budget. You can easily place an order by yourself. Get the maximum profit and find more clients by expanding the range of services.
Results in 4 weeks:You'll master the basics of decorating with balloons, find new customers, learn the soft sales via Instagram. You'll get and implement your first decoration orders and learn to create unique designs.


Novice aerodesigners

You'll improve your aero design skills and reach the next level, selling your services on Instagram, find new clients, be inspired, and increase your check.
Results in 4 weeks:You'll get the necessary professional knowledge to work on large-scale projects. You'll definitely find the answers, improve your practice skills with the mentor's support.You will arrange your first sales on Instagram.


Dream business seekers

You will find a profitable business for yourself, which you can start without any budget, master a new profession and fulfil yourself. Our course will do help you.
Results in 4 weeks:You'll receive a step-by-step work plan for balloon design. Build a dream team, prepare the design for a selling profile on Instagram, master and implement the first orders for balloon decorations. You'll receive a detailed plan to open your aerodesign studio.


Join the community of the best specialists in the
aerodesign industry!

Choose the suitable plan for you:

Purchasing our course - you help victims affected by the war

Do not be indifferent!



✔️ 22 lessons with some bonuses

✔️ 10 practical exercises (can be added to your portfolio) to improve your aerodesign skill✔️ Unlimited access to the course✔️ Informative recorded lessons last from 30 minutes to 2 hours 17 minutes.✔️ You can rely on help and support in any matter during the course.✔️ We will have a general chat on WhatsApp for communication and your questions.


(before 15th of July)

What do you need for the course?


Goal: To become an awesome
aero designer!

20 video lessons, along with some valuable additional materials, are waiting for you.
This course is your ticket to self-fulfilment, financial freedom, and the immersion to the fantastic profession of the aero designer! Besides, all the participants will receive a Certificate of Completion in e-form ready for printing.


The duration of the course is 4 weeks.

The informative lessons last from 30 minutes to 2 hours 17 minutes, and you'll receive them every three days. The time between tutorials is usually used for home tasks, and the average time to complete one of them is about 2 hours.


The desire to achieve a result!

You'll can rely on the support and help in any matter during the course. You get access to a general chat on WhatsApp for communicating and discussing the questions if they may arise. Also, you can send the ready-made tasks to receive a feedback.


Materials for after-watching tasks

Before starting the practice, you'll get a list of the necessary balloons and materials required to complete the tasks of the course.



The communication of the course takes place on WhatsApp. You'll be a part of the community of the best well-known aero designers! We'll gather all the participants in one big chat to share the experience.


Watch anywhere you want!

You'll need access to the internet and a cellphone (laptop) to watch the lessons from any part and time in the world. Remoted studying is a perfect variant to save your time!



  • Lesson 1

    Baloon time.
    Aerodesign is like a business.
    Personal brand.

  • Lesson 2

    Types and producers of balloons.
    DoubleStuff is a ball-in-ball technique.
    Equipment for balloons.

  • Lesson 3

    Outdoor decorations.
    The specifics of outdoor decorations.
    Garlands, arches, types of balloon weaving.
    Temperature features.

  • Lesson 4

    Helium balloons.
    Balloons with fillers.
    Working with Bubbles balloons.

  • Lesson 5

    Bubbles Comparison Bubble America & China

  • Lesson 6

    Bubbles with BFM inside

  • Lesson 7

    Double Staff with confetti between balloons using Bubbles

  • Lesson 8

    Bubbles with a rose inside

  • Lesson 9

    Flower Composition in a Bubble Balloon

  • Lesson 10

    Columns and figures of round balloons on a frame.
    Figures of balloons in "Plastic" technique.

  • Lesson 11

    Figures on the wire base.
    Hearts, numbers and other shapes.

  • Lesson 12

    Working with modelling balloons.
    Balloon modelling process.
    Flowers, shapes and types of balloon weaving.
    Creation of modelling balloons walls.

  • Lesson 13

    Creation of modern bouquets of foil balloons.
    Providing all the info about foil balloons bouquets and their creation.

  • Lesson 14

    Working with aero mosaics.
    Foam board frames and filling them.

  • Lesson 15

    Working with aero mosaics.
    Creation number 5

  • Lesson 16

    Balloons backgrounds.
    Round backgrounds based on a stretch ceiling.
    A wall of round balloons.
    Asymmetric garland.
    Working with frames.

  • Lesson 17

    Photo zones. Joker frame.
    Fibreboard frame. Creating a photo zone from foil balloons

  • Lesson 18

    Working with modelling balloons.
    Balloon modelling process.
    Flowers, shapes and types of balloon weaving.
    Creation of modelling balloons walls.

  • Lesson 19

    Creation of modelling balloons walls.

  • Lesson 20

    Dynamic SolaAir Panels
    Difference between SolaAir and Chinese panels.
    Installation of panels.
    Types of frames.
    Neon and lighting.

  • Lesson 21

    Installations of foil figures.

  • Lesson 22

    Final Part



POINT A: A woman was on maternity leave and did not want to return to work. Incoming profit is zero. 

POINT B: The course costs were covered in the learning period. There were eight orders in the first month during training. The ambitious goal is to become a leader in Poland along with conducting the seminars. 

Julia's feedback: Alexey, I'd like to thank you for the course! There is so much valuable and necessary information! - I will do use it in practice. You provide great motivation to develop further. Now my goal is to become the market leader in Poland. It's just the beginning of aerodesign development here, and I believe that it will succeed!
Thanks to you. 

Julia, 27 y.o. Krakow, Poland

Alexei Titov is the author and leader of the course. He's a specialist with ten years of experience, founder and owner of "Mir Sharov" company and the "Balloon Time" stores. Alexei is a prize-winner and participant of international festivals as part of the national team of Ukraine in 2012, 2013, 2015. He is the founder of the first and only one balloon school, "Balloon Time", in Ukraine. Every month he leads live seminars in large cities of Ukraine and invites foreign and local speakers. Alexei has trained 1500+ students. The graduates of his programs open their studios, take prize places and become recognizable brands in the market. Alexei's superpower is motivation and his students' results!

Let me invite you to join our online course
Alexey Titov , Founder of the aerodesign School Balloon Time

Feedback from participants


Nadezhda Frolenkova 

Kharkov, Ukraine

Alexei, thank you very much for your course!
This is a beneficial and exciting experience! I've expected a lot from this course, but you exceeded all my expectations! You're an excellent teacher. Watching you do everything, and I realize that the world of aero design is fascinating! I'll be sure to use all the acquired knowledge.


Natalia Strecker 

Wurzburg, Germanyy

It was awesome!
Alexei is an excellent teacher!
Lessons are held in a great atmosphere and comfortable way.
There is lots of information and tips, and he provides the details to every little thing, answer any question that may arise.


Olga Yasakova 

Ovidiopol, Odessa region, Ukraine

This is my first time on such a course, and I am genuinely delighted.
Everything is pretty clear to understand.
There was a lot of additional information and video tutorials during the course. By purchasing this course, you will be able to gain knowledge without leaving your home. If you buy it earlier, at a discount price,
you can save on the purchase of materials.
So go ahead to "Baloon Time"!

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