Your privacy is very important to us. Our goal is to make your work useful and enjoyable,and you have always had the opportunity to use the vast amount of information that isavailable on the Internet.
The personal information you provide on the site during registration is used solely for yourbenefit, that is, so that we can take into account your needs when providing services. Suchinformation is not passed on or provided to third parties. Only part of this information canbe reflected in individual cases, which are provided for in the "Consent to Distribution".
WHAT DATA IS REQUIRED:At the time of registration to receive the newsletter, you must indicate in the registrationform your name, e-mail, phone number and nickname on Instagram.
PURPOSE FOR WHICH THIS DATA IS NECESSARY:Your Name is used for personal contact with you, and phone and e-mail are required fornewsletters, news, useful information and commercial offers.Your name, e-mail, phone number and nickname on Instagram are not transferred to thirdparties under any circumstances, except as provided by law. This information is stored onsecure servers and is used in accordance with the privacy policy.Also, if necessary, you can turn off the newsletter at any time by deleting your contactinformation from our database. To do this, in each letter you receive there is a special linkthat you need to click to unsubscribe from the newsletter.
HOW PERSONAL DATA IS USED:The site visualize_your_party.com uses cookies and data about visitors to the GoogleAnalytics service. It is through the collection of this data that we analyze the actions ofvisitors and the work of the site, in order to optimize it and improve its functionality.If necessary, you can change the settings of your browser at any time, in order to block allcookies, or notification of their sending. It should be remembered that after such a browserreconfiguration, some functions and services of the site will not be able to work in full.
WAYS OF PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA:To protect your personal information listed on our website, we use various securitymeasures: administrative, technical and managerial. Also, we follow various internationalstandards of control, which are aimed at working with personal information.Every employee working in our Company is familiar with the rules, control instructionsand Privacy Notice. And despite the fact that we try to protect your personal data, we stillrecommend that you take all necessary security measures while on the Internet.
Our website is protected from unauthorized use of the information you provide, however,we cannot guarantee that our precautions will prevent hackers from other organizationsfrom illegally accessing this information.In the event that this privacy policy is changed, you can find out by reading theinformation on this page, or, in special cases, a letter will be sent to your e-mail with anotification of changes.If you have any questions, please contact the site administrator by writing him an e-mail:moc.liamg%40ytrapruoyezilausiv

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