Payment for services is made only by Visa and MasterCard - WayForPay payment cards.Online learning opt-out policy
You have the right to opt out of online training (access to training records, webinars andother paid training content) within fourteen (14) calendar days from the dateorder confirmation.If you request a refund on time, we undertake to refund the payments received from you aspayment for the course. To receive a refund, contact us and request a refund in theprescribed manner.If you have already started using the services during the opt-out period (for example, youtook part in one or more online classes or received a link to watch or download videotutorials), we will deduct from the amount you paid the services actually provided at thetime of request. return. In this case, the amount of the refund is defined as the differencebetween the total cost of services and the cost of services actually consumed.
Registration of returnTo cancel the services and make a refund, write to us atmoc.liamg%40ytrapruoyezilausiv, we will acknowledge receipt of the return request viaemail at the address provided byordering. If you do not receive written confirmation within 24 hours of sending the letter,please contact our support service at the phone number listed on the website.To make a refund, be sure to let us know: Full name and email specified when ordering;name of the service (training program or package of services); order date; paymentinformation; reasons for refusal of services, as well as other necessary information.You understand that if you violate the procedure for requesting a refund or do not provideus with this information, we have the right to deny you a refund and not consider yourapplication.
Consequences of denial of servicesIf you request a refund within the specified time, we will refund you within sixty (60) daysof receiving the request.To refund, we will use the same payment method you used to pay for the services. We willdeduct from the refund amount all additional fees of banks and payment systems related tothe refund.If you did not use the services (did not take part in the event, did not watch the classesavailable to you) through no fault of ours or refused to use the services in violation ofdeadlines and procedures, we will not reimburse you for such services.
Special conditions of refusal and additional guarantees of returnWe definitely reserve the right to set other opt-out rules for individual Services (trainingprograms, products, live events, webinars, intensives, etc.) or to provide you withadditional guarantees of unconditional return by publishing special Terms of Cancellationon the product order page.
Expiration period expiredIf the Services were provided in full before the expiration date (for example: you havealready received access to all lessons and materials) and / or before receiving a request fora refund, no refund will be made.
In case of receipt of a request for refund (refusal of services) in violation of the establishedterms of refusal, the refund is not made.
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